Big Data and Parking at Aspen


Big Data and Parking at Aspen

BIG DATA  and PIE 2017 

This is the perfect place to collect data, but what should you do with it? How can current and past data help you in your planning for transportation and garage capacities? Do you need that new shuttle? How many spaces should you plan for five years from now? How can you use data to assist in enforcement, keep your customers happy, and do both at the same time?

Presented by : Diego Torres-Palma and Wen Sang from Smarking and Mitch Osur from the City of Aspen

Mitch Osur is the director of parking services in Aspen, Colorado. His background includes extensive customer    service, management responsibility, logistics and budget oversight. Osur was chosen last year for the job as parking director because he is forward thinking about policy, technology and planning – which we have seen lots of proof for. He comes from a background in sports, overseeing 14 retail and rental locations and has worked closely implementing metrics to measure success for customer service and warehouse activity, supervised external communications and owned and managed a $12 million sporting-goods business for more than 30 years in Rochester, NY.

Wen Sang, CEO of Smarking Inc., a technology company that provides data analytics as a service to parking businesses. Wen Sang was born and raised in China, loves driving, holds a PhD degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and enthusiastic about leveraging cutting edge technologies to elevate businesses. Dr. Wen Sang and Smarking have been feature on major media including Boston Globe and TechCrunch.

Diego Torres-Palma is in of charge Growth for Smarking Inc., Diego holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and is also a Boston University MBA, who specializes in customer acquisition and strategic company growth. He has experience launching multiple companies and managing hyper growth of sales team and processes. Diego recently sold his second startup, a bow tie company, and was also named one of NPA’s 40 under 40.

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