Blackberrys and Parking


Blackberrys and Parking

I got a Blackberry about a month ago.  I had fought the urge for years but my wife prevailed and I purchased a Blackberry Curve.  Its a tad smaller than the original BB, but has a full keyboard and more features than I can possibly every use. The best part is that I can check email and respond from anywhere. This is important for quick trips, or when I’m out and about. No need to carry the laptop and find a hot spot. Its great.

It is, however, addictive.  Now I won’t go anywhere without it.  I can check my email, get phone calls, and even  find maps and get directions as to where I am going, all instantly and on line. I’m sold and have become an advocate. 

Today in the Wall Street Journal there was a cartoon. Two businessmen talking — "What’s the point of having a high speed internet connection, instant messaging, and a Blackberry, if I waste 45 minutes a day looking for parking."

Nuff said.


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John Van Horn

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  1. I use T Mobile but that’s because they are the service I had for my cell phone. I’m not sure that “Research in Motion”, Blackberry’s creator, really cares what cellular service you use.

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