Bloggin from OZ


Bloggin from OZ

Australia is a neat place — the people are friendly, the weather perfect (its summer here, after all), and the scenery breath taking.

I was at dinner with some parking folks here in Hobart, Tasmania, last night and someone brought up "fruitarians." I had never heard of them, but it appears they eat only fruit and nuts, uncooked.  No vegetables, and little water — they get their water from the fruit.

Fair enough — but one fellow added that they only eat fruit that has "fallen from the tree" since cutting it would be an act of murder… I thought that a little strange.

So I looked them up — yep, everything true, but not a word about "murdering fruit."

My guess is that there may be some die hards out there that follow that credo, but they go pretty hungry.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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