Bob a Job – A Funny


Bob a Job – A Funny

From Peter Guest in the UK

I don’t know if you have “Bob a Job” week in the states; it was a traditional way of the Boy Scouts raising money by sending out the little darlings to raise money by doing things like cutting lawns and washing cars. Now of course everyone is a potential paedophile and the idea of sending a small boy to knock on a stranger’s door; well it just doesn’t happen.

Anyhow, in the good old days a boy scout knocks on an old curmudgeon’s door.

“Bob a Job guvnor” says the little imp.

“Go away” says the curmudgeon.

“Aw c’mon guvnor” says the imp; “it’s for the Scouts”

“Oh alright” says the grouse; go cut the lawn”. He closes the door thinking that it would take the scout the rest of the afternoon and he would get some peace but a few minutes later there is another knock and our hero is back.

“All done guvnor; anything else I can do for you?”

The curmudgeon wants rid of the boy so thinks of the nastiest, messiest job that he has that needs doing

“I tell you what young man, go and whitewash the porch and I’ll give you ten quid”

The gallant scout disappears in to the garden shed and reappears with a large tin of whitewash and a brush. Two hours later there is another knock on the door; it’s the scout come for his money.

The curmudgeon pays up and as the boy walks away he calls over his shoulder; “By the way it’s not a Porsche, it’s a Ferrari”.

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