Boston, too


Boston, too

I looked at the post below and then to the right (on the news feed, that has probably changed by the time you read this) and saw that Boston is lining up to do the same thing. So I will give you another reason why not. Read all about it here. It seems that there is a bandwagon and there is no politician that can’t wait to jump on.

Why should the auto companies be subsidized by the government, or the parking industry. They will, at last estimate, sell out all the hybrids they can make for the foreseeable future. That means that all the free or reduced parking on earth will not increase by even 1 the number of hybrids on the streets.

Oh, yes, in Boston the proposal is $10 off monthly parking and free parking at meters. Why would I pay for parking in a lot when I can park free on the street? DUH…

And that’s the truth….


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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