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Boy –

Did I get the wrong number, at least as far as Transcore is concerned. Frank Dittoe waylayed me as I was heading out at the end of the show and told me that they have a ton of locations where toll road tags are being used to activate parking garage gates. I was surprised because I thought it was Frank that told me that they had only a few, but that was probably five years ago and I haven’t kept up.

I accused him of hiding his lamp under a bushel and he said that corporate would be coming out with a news release on this type of activity soon.

I must not spend enough time with certain technologies. Apologies to Transcore and any other group that has AVI based clearing house style operations associated with parking garages and toll roads.

I’m sure Frank and Co will get me the straight information soon and I will pass it along.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. In fact, Transcore’s tags are widely used by Winpark in Hines locations. Although the tags come with their own set of challenges, perceived advantages include: ease of use, cutting edge, and environmentally friendly.

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