But, its 15 years old…


But, its 15 years old…

OK, at the risk of being slightly blasphemous, the bible does not go out of date and its at least a couple of thousand years old. However the Downtown association is hawking a primer for downtowns discussing on street parking. It was written for the ITE in 1994. I can’t help wondering if this tome isn’t slightly behind the times. You can read about it here.

OK, I shouldn’t decry the contents as I haven’t even read it, but there is no hint of updating, and since it was written in the last century, let’s think about is most likely not included.

  • Pay be Cell Phone
  • Web based parking payments
  • Use of LPR for enforcement
  • Individual space monitoring
  • Intelligent signage
  • Multispace meters
  • Pay by Credit Card
  • Anything related to Don Shoup’s theories
  • On Street Valet

And I’m certain that any cost projections or summaries will be woefully out of date. All that having been said, there is most likely a good set of basics that would help any downtown community. Time for the ITE to update? Yep.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. Can you point me to more information on individual space monitoring, intelligent signage and pay by cellphone? Thanks!

  2. Debbie — if you go to our web site, https://www.parkingtoday.com, and click on “magazine” you will find a place to search for articles by topic. Just input your topic (Pay by cell phone) for instance and you will get a list of articles on that topic. Good Hunting

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