But it’s Such a Target Rich Environment


But it’s Such a Target Rich Environment

I know I make fun of San Francisco all the time, particularly when it comes to their parking policy. It’s just so easy.

For instance – Baghdad by the Bay has, for a couple of years now, had a new rule concerning enforcing parking meters on Holidays. They do. Fair Enough. However they seem to have neglected to tell anyone. So the number of tickets written on holidays doubles. Their response –”its on our web site.” As if everyone rushes to the parking web site in San Francisco between sipping Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista and grabbing a Cable Car on California Street.

It only gets better. This year, Independence Day falls on Sunday, so they will NOT enforce parking rules on that day because its Sunday (and they don’t enforce on Sunday), however they will enforce on Monday, the Legal Holiday, just as if it wasn’t a holiday. I’m sure that tad of consistency will keep the fair citizens of SF in a twirl.

To carry this further. Why don’t cities enforce meters on Sundays? I think the usual reason is that since most businesses are closed, and the reason for meters is to create more parking in the business area, there is no reason to enforce on Sunday. Fair enough. However, why Holidays? Is it not true that most businesses that are closed on Sunday are also closed on Holidays?

Unless, the real reason for collecting parking fees is to garner funds for the Mayor’s next boondoggle then perhaps charging on holidays makes sense. After all, they can double the number of citations written, increase revenue, and all is right with the world.

Citizens hate parking enforcement. Here is a perfect time to make a positive impression. Why not issue “warnings” on a holiday. Happy Birthday America, and here’s your present. A no fee warning for a parking infraction. Now…Tell the person to have a happy 4th but of they are caught on a holiday again, they will get a ticket. This is easy stuff to do what with all the fancy computers and all.

Just saying – parking can turn around our image, but we have to do something positive, for a change


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