But the Parking Meters was “born” in Oklahoma


But the Parking Meters was “born” in Oklahoma

There are so many issues raised in this story, it boggles the mind. I will attack one, you can read the story to pick up on the rest.

The city of Tulsa has put in new multi space meters and have no budget to replace the batteries when they run out. So half their meters are now useless. Yes, that means that all the money they paid to install the meters was wasted, and all the money they should be receiving is gone. Poof.

They budgeted the money to replace the batteries but it was cut from the budget, cost savings. That’s roughly the equivalent of cutting the gasoline from the budgets of the police and fire departments.

I guess I can’t top the quote from one of the city fathers”

“This makes us look stupid”.

Finally we find a politician that can grasp the obvious.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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