But, But, But, But….


But, But, But, But….

What is there about this the locals in Rome, NY don’t understand. If you offer free parking the parking will be taken up by the merchants and their employees and customers won’t have a place to park. Its really just that simple.  They will then go to that big mall on the outside of town where parking is easy and you won’t have any business.

Of course they should remember that the reason people go to the mall isn’t because of parking, free or not. Its because the mall is cool, clean, well lit, and has a lot of neat shops, restaurants, theaters, and activities for everyone.

What would happen if downtown Rome had neat shops, restaurants, theaters, and activities? You think people would come no matter how much you charged for parking.  These folks should call the merchants in Old Town Pasadena or on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Ask them if they even hear about parking issues? My guess is Rome might want to take a different approach.


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