But Does it need 15 spaces


But Does it need 15 spaces

The Bisbee (AZ) Planning commission is stirring up a hornets (or is that "bee") nest. A ordinance has surfaced that is affecting new businesses in the downtown area. Read about it here.

It looks like we are in the middle of the story, as the first couple of graphs indicate that a number of businesses are struggling with the planning commission. However in this case, a local repertory theater owner wanted to open a restaurant in conjunction with his theater. My guess is that the restaurant was to cover overhead. Note that he indicates that the theater has not done well in the past and the additional revenue would be welcome.

Enter the Planning Commission. If he can’t come up with 15 parking spaces, he can’t open the restaurant. I don’t know how many tables the restaurant will have, but 15 is a fair size. Nevertheless, why should the city be telling a merchant just what he should and shouldn’t be able to sell?

He should be able to decide if he can get enough people through the door. And once again, how did the planning commission come up with the number 15? Why not 20 or 10?  Or for that matter, any at all.

If there is a parking problem, the restaurateur could provide valet parking and park the cars elsewhere. Or the city could charge more for parking on street and collect a few more sheckles. Or whatever.

In the end, let the free market work. In this case, no new restaurant in Bisbee. 

Shoupistas unite.


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