But,,,just how do you enforce it?


But,,,just how do you enforce it?

A Government functionary in the UK., one Eric Pickles, is calling for a half hour of free parking on street in the central business districts of towns and villages across the country. Our UK correspondent, Peter Guest, has written numerous articles about Mr. Pickles, ensuring he won’t be on the “Communities and Local Government’s Secretary’s” Christmas Card list.

So let’s see, Mr. Pickles, what would be the rules?  You get half an hour and then have to move your car? What if you are going to shop for an hour? Are you just out of luck?

Well then, so you get half an hour free then can you go and get a P and D tag for the next hour or so.

I’m sorry, I was up late last night finishing a Martha Grimes ‘pub book’ and I’m not thinking straight. But I do remember this…

When parking was free at the local hospitals, there was no room for the patients and staff because everyone in the surrounding neighborhood came and parked there. The ambulances couldn’t get in. They put in a fee and the mess immediately was under control. Wouldn’t exactly the same thing happen in the ‘high’ street.

Just how many people would ‘flock’ to the stores if they knew that in 30 minutes they would have to move their car or get a citation? If the cities enforced the half hour limit there would be crowds in the streets with torches and pitchforks.

This is so typical of many government agencies…they think that by giving something away they are doing a good thing but end up ensuring that the law of unintended consequences is in full effect.


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