But…They have it all backwards


But…They have it all backwards

Read this story and then get back to me. Here’s the deal. The local merchants are lobbying, and winning, for reduced on street parking rates. They seem to think that if they have "free" parking, people will flock to their stores. One of the areas discussed is Bondi Beach, another is the "rocks". These are areas around Sydney, Australia. I’ve been to both. Bondi is great — Lots of scantily clad Sheila’s and handsome Aussie boys cavorting. Families having fun and the like. But that’s in the summer. For some strange reason its not as popular in the winter. Reducing parking charges will certainly help. 

The "rocks" is an area of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Its chaos in the evenings. Reducing parking charges will certainly help the congestion and chaos. …Not!!!

Once again I invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences. The parking charges will be lowered. Local workers will park on the street taking space that was being used by customers. Customers will cruise for parking, streets will be jammed, no one will be able to park, and they will go elsewhere. However the parking charges will force workers to park in off street lots or walk, will enable those who want to park to find a space, and others can park in cheaper parking around the corner.

OK, $6 an hour may be a bit high. They simply have to take a look and see if they have a few spaces always available. If they do, then lower it a bit. Let the market work. Of course everyone wants to park for free. I would rather not pay for my Big Mac, but I do. Get real Oz, under priced parking caused your problems, returning to it won’t fix them.


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