But…What are you going to do -=- Are parkers customers or felons?


But…What are you going to do -=- Are parkers customers or felons?

Here’s the policy. It’s pretty straight forward:

No problem. If the meter doesn’t work, or if coins don’t work but cards do (or vice versa) you have to either use the other method of payment or move your car.

Yeah, but – This policy goes to my concern about whether we see parkers as customers or felons. Let me set this up for you. One of the neat features of the new on line meters is that they tell you if they are broken. They actually email your Blackberry and a service tech in the area can go right over and fix them. So it would seem that worst case is that if someone parks at this meter and it’s broken, only one car would get by for free. Under my plan, the city would be motivated to set up a program to ensure quick response to fix meters. The concept of seeing meters broken for days or weeks (like the one in front of my dry cleaners) would be a non starter.

If we see our parkers as customers, is it reasonable to insist that they get back in their car and go find another space after they have just parked in this one? Of course if we assume they are felons, then treating them as such is the way to go.

I don’t see how the city can have it both ways. They buy a gizmo that tells them that it’s broken, they have the resources to have repair crews always on the move, one of the pitches they made to the suits was that the incidence of broken meters would go way down, or certainly when they are they could be repaired quickly. Then they put a sign like the sticker above.

OK, you say. Why can’t everyone simply say “the meters broken” and let it go at that. Then, under my plan, no one would pay. I say how about a sign like this:

This meter was recently checked and was working properly. If you find it broken, call 311. We will respond within 20 minutes. If it’s found to be broken, you will not have to pay. If it is not broken, you will be cited.

Seems to me that is a much more user friendly approach and will get you more calls to report a broken meter. Any service tech or enforcement officer in the area can go over and check. If its working, write a ticket, if not fix it.

Assuming our customers are a bunch of immoral thieves doesn’t add anything to the party except tick off folks who find themselves at a broken meter.

I know that you are all going to cloud up and rain all over me, but somehow there must be a way to begin treating parkers like customers and not potential felons.

Here’s the article generated by the above policy.




John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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