Buy and EV – Park for Free


Buy and EV – Park for Free

According to a survey by Accenture, people can be induced to purchase an EV, now get this, if free parking goes along with it. Read it here. Oh please. Not that old saw again. First it was high mileage vehicles, then hybrids, and now EV’s. This is ludicrous on its face.

What is going to happen? Is the government going to come to a private business and demand that they give away their product to someone just because they purchase and EV? And how do you make it happen. If you pull a ticket on the way in. Go up to the POF machine what do you do? Tell it you are driving an EV. Right. Or does the cashier let you out for free – Another way to steal.

You know what I think – if you are going to charge based on the car, it should be based on the size – SUVs pay more than Minis. Fine – they take up more space.

So how is an EV driver going to ensure that he or she gets a free parking space? Will they only park in spaces run by the local authority? What if they want to park at a cricket match or football game and the local team (can you say Cleveland Browns – See Charlie and Wanda’s comment on our Facebook Page) won’t give them a free space. Does someone end up suing someone?

California is stopping its free ride for hybrids on car pool lanes. The hybrid owners are irate. They thought that since they bought a hybrid, they could use the carpool lanes forever. Guess again. So how much free parking does an EV owner get. They pay 41K for a nice Volt expecting free parking and then in a couple of years the government changes its mind.

The entire concept is ridiculous. Buy an EV to save the whales but you won’t unless you get free parking. Enough already.


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