Capitalism lives


Capitalism lives

Homeowners owners near the Merion Golf Club in Ardmore Pennsylvania are making an easy buck off the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Craigslist ads have private parking at a home within walking distance of the course at $500 for the duration of the event. The golf club offers little parking on site but provides off site parking and a shuttle for spectators. Some residents are offering their homes for rent, others are advertising parking and meals

I have no idea what the parking industry thinks of these kinds of parking “operations,” but I say “nice work.” If you can’t rent out your driveway for a few days and make a sweet chunk of money what’s the use of being an American?

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John Van Horn

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  1. Same thing happens in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. A few years ago we parked on a person’s lawn for $75 and were happy to split it between the four of us. He gave us a liability disclaimer form and off we went. It was about a half mile walk to Churchill Downs. He squeezed in 5 cars that day in his postage-stamp size piece of grass.

  2. The PGA is probably happy for this. This site has many challegenes, its a small venue. I am going on Thursday and Friday and even though my parents house is 15 minutes away we are staying in a hotel that has a shuttle becaue getting there was going to be a major hassle.

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