Central Needs to update its PR


Central Needs to update its PR

I got the following from Manny Resores, Mr. Parking Consultancy in the UK, concerning Central Parking.,

…following the sale of CPS’s European Operation, I have just noticed from their
latest press release, they appear to want to continue to show they are still a
major International operation and one could say they are misleading the
public by quoting inaccurate general information on the company. I say that if
it was such an strategic reason to sell their European Operation as non core
business, why make a new statement stating the same number of spaces and
International locations; with the qualification of "As of June 30 2007". 

"Central Parking Corporation, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, is a
leading provider of parking and transportation-related services. As of June 30,
2007, the Company operated approximately 3,000 parking facilities containing
approximately 1.4 million spaces at locations in 37 states, the District of
Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland,
Chile, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and Greece"

Manny keeps track of such things. I checked and this is current as of August 20, their latest release


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  1. This is a regular procedure at CPS, they still show in their location listing more than 10 locations that they have lost in the last 5 years.

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