Chair Free Zone


Chair Free Zone

An ad agency in Chicago has begun a campaign to get people NOT to reserve parking spaces they have cleared from snow by placing lawn furniture in them. Here’s the quote from their web site

It’s long been a Chicago tradition that if you clear your parking spot of snow, you can save it with chairs or other sundry items. It’s also long been a Chicago tradition that people here are nice to each other. It’s time the second tradition trumps the first. By ordering Chair-Free Chicago signs, you can declare the front of your building, or your block, or your whole neighborhood a
Chair-Free Zone. A Chair-Free Zone is a place where neighbors act like neighbors. A place where we all hope our shoveled-out parking space is available when we return, but we aren’t selfish enough to try and save the spot.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, since I live in a Snow Free Zone. However I can understand that if someone worked half an hour to clear a parking space they would like to be able to keep it. On the other hand, to “reserve” it for an entire day while they are at work seems to me to be a tad selfish, too.

What do you think; you folks with built in heaters that live in places like Minneapolis, Chicago, and Fargo? This sounds like an emotion laden topic to me.


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