Charge your Car? Bah Humbug


Charge your Car? Bah Humbug

As you know, I’m the least PC person on the planet. I think electric cars are great, its just not my job to pay for them or to pay so you can charge them. I will add that the concept of all electric cars is frankly a little batty. A plug in Prius, Volt, or any of the hybrids make some sense, I guess, but all electric, not so much.

I just got a call from Astrid. She is out of power in her neighborhood. (We are having high winds here in LA). Not only can she not charge her cell phone, get on the internet, or run her garbage disposal, she can’t get her car out of the garage. Her comment was — how am I supposed to charge my Tesla (As if she had one.)

I received this from David Fairbaugh, a parking operator somewhere down South. (That probably is responsible for his attitude.)

I just got scolded for not offering electric vehicle charging stations at a garage. This is the first request in 18 months and we park 800 vehicles daily. I marvel at the entitlement attitude of those who buy electric vehicles. They expect that their needs will be met, regardless of cost or inconvenience. I don’t offer a gas pump at my garage, so why offer a charging station? There is more demand for gas than electric. If I’m going to offer anything, it would be something that the vast majority of parkers would want and use. If you buy electric, then know what you’re getting into. Failure to plan on your part does not create an emergency on my part.

Go David!  Where is it written (bad choice of words)… Why is it the responsibility of the parking operator to install charging stations and then pay for the electricity so I can drive my Leaf for free?

There are a number of electric cars in my neighborhood.  A Prius, a Mercedes (little guy, kinda cute) and a Tesla.  They all have extension cords in their yards and plug in each night as they need. As it should be. The Tesla owner bought another vehicle at the same time as the Tesla. She told me that she bought the Porsche Panamera because she didn’t want her family to be trapped if the power went off.  Planning for range anxiety.

If you don’t want range anxiety, or can’t afford a Panamera,  buy a plug in hybrid. You still save on gas, the whales are happy, and when the power is cut off, you can still get around.

Gotta go — have to contact Astrid and explain that the little rope hanging under the garage door motor is a release so she can open the gate manually.


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