Charlie and Capitol Parking


Charlie and Capitol Parking

I was waiting for the “parking connection” and the Charlie Rangel scandal. It has happened. Seems he parked an unregistered Mercedes in one of the two parking spaces he is allocated at the Capitol and left it there for four years. He finally moved it in 2008, but now says he has no clue where it is. Must be nice – own a Mercedes and just “lose” it. Must be like some of those tax dollars his committee oversees inside the capitol. You can read all about it here.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it seems that if this was a space that belonged to a staffer they would have been notified and fined. However since it belonged to a member, the parking police “overlooked” the violation. I think its time for one of the local parking operators in DC to call the Capitol and offer some services. They are outsourcing everything in Washington these days, Why not parking. Charlie would have been given a citation after his 45 day “storage” limit and he would have moved it, and would probably know where it is today.


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