Christmas and the Family


Christmas and the Family

Now that one of my sons lives within two miles of the house, and is building a family, he and his wife wanted to have Christmas at their house this year.  Usually we have it here and I get to make my famous stuffing and fix the turkey. Plus I can also preside over the Christmas Table.  That’s what fathers are supposed to do, right?

Well, my son is a father now and I guess he has the right to hold Christmas at his house.  However I’m not sure about the turkey.

So I volunteered to fix the stuffing and stuff the turkey.  He is coming over on Christmas morning and we will throw all the women folk out of the kitchen and make the sausage, mushroom, prune, celery, onion stuffing. (Oh sure, there are some breadcrumbs thrown in). Well then stuff the bird and he will return with it to his house and cook it there.

A new tradition?  Who knows? Gotta run — lotsa packages to deliver, plus I have to get out of the house so Robyn can wrap my presents — at least I assume there are some to wrap – there had better be…

Have a very merry Christmas


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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