Churches VS Neighbors – Film at 11


Churches VS Neighbors – Film at 11

Washington DC has a parking problem, at least four of its churches do. Read about it here. The city doesn’t enforce parking regs on Sundays. And the religious drivers are parking all over the place. Something must be done.

First of all, I think this is good news — it means that people are going to church and that’s a good thing. Second, it means that the local authorities aren’t being consistent with their parking regulations and third, the local neighbors, who normally would love to have a church in the neighborhood, have a legitimate gripe. Cars parked every which way — its hell out there.

Of course the problem isn’t only Sunday morning, these groups have the audacity to pray in the evenings, too.  Something has to be done.

I’ll bet that if the city charged for parking on Sunday and collected a few of those coins due Cesar, and put that money back into the neighborhood for some local reconstruction, there just might be enough parking to go around.

Also, if the city would allow local homeowners to sell spots in their driveways for the churches (heck, maybe they could cut a deal with the church, and let the church split the filthy lucre with them. Of course, first the DC powers at be would have to loosen up on some of its regulations and allow the find citizens to operate a parking business (for say, up to 3 cars) without a license.

Whatcha think?


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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