City Subsidizes Yankee Parking


City Subsidizes Yankee Parking

The Bronx Bombers are building a new ball park. Yankee Stadium is long in the tooth and Steinbrenner has cut a deal where the city is building the quarter of a billion dollar stadium so multimillionaires can play a game  what, 100 days a year. So far so good.

Now we find out that 600 space valet garage has been included int he deal so those very same millionaires and the folks who will be paying the most to come to the game, will be able to have their car’s parked at no charge.

Bloomie (that’s NY Mayor Bloomberg) is "looking into" this situation. My guess is that as soon as he gets is parking pass, the review will quietly go away.

Not only is the entire concept of the city building this stadium absurd, but the concept that it should supply free parking is really over the top.

Within a few blocks of the stadium is a courthouse, a shopping center, a business district. Wouldn’t the garage be a perfect place for overflow parking for these venues, since in most cases, the ball games take place on weekends and evenings.  OH, I guess they will allow folks to park there, at a price.

The well healed sports fans will park for free, at the taxpayers expense, and the locals going to contest a traffic ticket will be charged.

This entire concept of taxpayer’s money going to build sports complexes that will probably be named after a soft drink or communications company, is completely absurd. There is no justification for it. Period. Private funds are certainly available, and would be available if the cities involved didn’t rush over with buckets of bucks whenever a big money developer decided that a stadium or convention center should be built.


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