Coral Dawson is the wife of Bryan Dawson. Bryan was an employee of Ace Parking in San Diego and was shot and killed last year as he was dropping off the cash from his garage. He was 26 years old. Bryan had had some problems but had straightened himself out and was working out well for his employer. He had come to San Diego to get a job and was sending for his family. Coral has been keeping me posted on the progress of the capture and trail of his killers.

Jason Rochelle and Willie Grant were picked up by the police and charged with the murder. They were tried separately and Grant was convicted last year of first degree murder and was sentenced to 50 year to life. His partner in crime was able to convince one person on the jury that Grant was the shooter and hung the jury. He later copped to voluntary manslaughter and can get up to 11 years.

Bryan is dead. Coral has had her life turned on end. These rabid animals are now allowed to continue to live out their lives in prison with the internet, TV, gym, movies, library, and the rest.  Is it a country club? No, but they are alive and Bryan is dead.

Our enlightened society has decided that death is too harsh for killers. That modern man doesn’t repay such excesses in kind. That we are civilized and we "understand" the problems of such monsters. We don’t stoop to their level,’  and the classic "life in prison is worse than death."

Well, tell that to Coral Dawson. Does she have closure? Perhaps. At least she has some comfort in the knowledge that her husband’s killers were caught and punished.  I wonder how she feels knowing that one of those killers will be out in a few years, He’ll only be just over 30. His entire life ahead of him. He killed a man, a husband, and he gets to just carry on. My guess is that his partner will be out on parole by the time he’s 50. He’ll have years of freedom.

Justice? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Punishment should fit the crime. Period. If you rob someone, I think you should be forced to repay the money you took, all of it, in addition to the time you spend in prison. If you injure someone, you should be forced to pay for their hospitalization and recovery, in addition to the longer time you spent in prison. And if you kill someone…..You know the rest. This isn’t revenge — although certainly there is some of that. Its justice. Forgiveness is fine for the brother who yells at his sister, the husband who is late for dinner, or if you date your best friend’s girl.

Murder is final, its permanent, there is no going back. There is no way to repay the victim.


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  1. As bryans mother i have remained silent for over a year. Bryan was my only child. What was taken from me … There are no words… Corall and i still cry…still hurt. I suffered a breakdown. At 46 i was still greiving the loss of my husband in 2003 … The kicker? My mother died 26 hours after my son died. I lost my mind then my home then everything but my life. I still remain homeless on less then 600.00 per month. Corall does what she can but i hate to burden her more. What did these men take from us…our family? There are just no words… No words…

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