Consultants and Vendors: Go to Japan


Consultants and Vendors: Go to Japan

The government in Kyodo, Japan, held a meeting the other day to begin a process through which private companies will provide photographic and other evidence that a vehicle has violated the parking regulations, and then call the police who will issue the citation. 500 companies attended the meet. Read the story here.

HUH? It is no wonder that the Japanese economy is only barely coming out of a ten year recession.

One assumes that the private firms (security companies and the like) will be paid for their efforts. Once the "evidence" is acquired, the police will drop what they are doing and rush over to write the ticket. One of the main questions asked at the briefing was whether these companies would have to provide their own cameras. Or maybe the police will simply write the tickets and mail them out to the offending party.  Who knows, maybe the Japanese have something here.

Sounds to me like the government of Kyodo needs some assistance in figuring out how to write tickets. This issue might seem ridiculous in most countries, but Japan has been noted for its lack of petty crime and is only now catching up to the decadent west.

I guess they can’t get their minds around the fact that people would actually park longer than allowed and in places where its "forbidden."

Come on operators, vendors and consultants, get thee to Japan. Sounds like they can use some help, or maybe we can learn something from them. Who knows?


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