Cramer Wins in Harrisburg


Cramer Wins in Harrisburg

Its official, Stan Cramer has won his battle to keep the Harrisburg Airport from stealing his property and his business. The airport has tried over the past few years to use eminent domain to take Stan’s business. They didn’t know who they were up against.

Stan has fought them every inch of the way and here is the result:

Today, the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA) adopted a resolution outlining the terms pursuant to which it is willing to amicably resolve litigation surrounding its condemnation of property belonging to Stanford Cramer. Pursuant to the resolution, SARAA would withdraw its Declaration of Taking and make certain payments to Mr. Cramer. In return, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General would withdraw antitrust litigation that it has commenced against SARAA and the parties would agree to a process by which SARAA can obtain Mr. Cramer’s property in the future for airport development needs. According to SARAA Board Chairman John Ward, “The Resolution strikes a delicate balance between the needs of HIA to fulfill its mission of encouraging economic development in Central Pennsylvania, which benefits the region and its citizens, and protecting the interests of Mr. Cramer and the patrons of his parking lot.”

Not the part of about the Attorney General withdrawing its litigation against the airport. That’s all Stan’s doing. He fought back and he won. Mark one up for the little guy against the government.

With the settlement Stan gets $300,000 and the airport cannot attempt to take his property for three years. After that, and after they meet certain conditions, they my again try to condemn the property, but if Stan doesn’t like the price they set, he can require that an appraiser be called in and that the number be set by the appraiser.

There are some other minor aspects, but you get the drift.

Way to go Stan…


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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