Cramer Airport Parking Part XIX


Cramer Airport Parking Part XIX

Just spoke to Stan Cramer — he is confident he has beaten back the Harrisburg Airport in its attempt to steal his business.

Back story:  Stan runs an off airport parking facility adjacent to Harrisburg (PA) airport. Last year the airport’s manager decided that Stan was taking too much of his parking business so he attempted to take Stan’s business by eminent domain. Stan has been fighting tooth and nail and along with the Pennsylvania Attorney General has fought back against the airport.

Last month the Airport Manager retired/resigned/was fired depending on who you ask. Immediately the airport changed its tune and Cramer Airport Parking is now negotiating a final agreement with the Airport Board to end the problem and keep in business.

Go Stan Go


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. I ‘m a customer’s since I first heard of you in 1986 [came to Harrisburg in 1985] You have the best service, bar none and have used you when ever I can. Retired from AAA in 06, always recommended you, now need to use you tomorrow Saturday 08/02/08 when we fly to MN for a funeral of our Sister in law.

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