Credit Card Data Not Exactly Secure


Credit Card Data Not Exactly Secure

The reports that a 7-month breach of the garage parking payment systems run by a major parking provider in several states has put customers’ credit card information into the hands of thieves.

We’ve all depended on the security of our credit card information for so long, it’s hard to get in the habit of worrying about it now. As technology changes and criminals become more adept at stealing credit card information, it’s starting to seem like using your credit card is a risky business.

Network security news site SecurityWeek reported over the holiday weekend that hackers got into the systems of a large parking vendor this year, and were indeed able to steal customer name and payment card information.

I think it’s time to make some major changes to the way credit card information is processed. I’m not at all the person to make suggestions for preventing credit data theft, because I have only the vaguest understanding of how my home computer works, but it seems serious measures must be taken. If people like me are considering a move back to cash-only transactions, you know a lot of consumers are starting to feel that credit is no longer a safe option.

Now that it’s not just the big box stores being targeted for credit data theft, parking providers are going to have to step it up. Companies that accept credit card payment have to be vigilant about the security of their customers’ information. They can’t assume their system is safe just because it was safe a year ago. And consumers themselves have to be aware of suspicious items on their statements.

I’ve no doubt the geniuses who create these systems will, for a time, outpace the bad guys. Then the bad guys will catch up again, and so on.

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