Crying about the Economy


Crying about the Economy

Sometimes the best analysis is done by someone else. Kevin O’Neill at was quoted this month in Parking Magazine. It’s the best, most complete, summary of the economic problems that grip our country:

“One of my big concerns is that politicians, in conjunction with the media, can and will cry about the economy even after things start turning around. They opt for the glass being half empty as opposed to half full. Bad news sells better than good news. So until the state of the economy cannot be spun as being as terrible, we’re in for a long, rocky ride.”

Well said, Kevin.

I will add only one proviso – The main stream media can find bad in anything but never, NEVER reports the good. A case in point: The Iraq war. When the war was going bad, it was headlines every day with body counts and the requisite burning car. Now that things are going well, it’s off the front pages and you will never hear a word about it. I read an article the other day that said that the Metro in Baghdad was up and running, I guess for the first time in years. What was the focus of the article? You guessed it – the trains were not full. It is genetic. Reporters are not capable of a positive spin, period.


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