Detriot Joins “Parking Wars”


Detriot Joins “Parking Wars”

Detriot Joins “Parking War’s”

Andy reports that Detroit Municipal Parking Department is joining Philadelphia as another foil for the fabulous “hit” show, Parking Wars. It boggles the mind how a city could set itself up to such ridicule, but then, Detroit has been beaten about the head and shoulders by our illustrious government, automobile unions, the environmental lobby, and practically everyone else, so why not?

The Motor City has a reputation for one of the most notorious downtown areas in the country. One can imagine what the producers of the TV program will do to the poor folks who are charged with enforcing the parking regulations in a city of high unemployment, low salaries, and high numbers on the government dole. But then, I can guess that the story isn’t the same if one were to film in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, or Tiburon.

As has been commented here before, perhaps it’s the check from Hollywood that catches the eye of the local administration, and not the bad publicity that inevitably will come from this. It makes no difference whether the enforcement staff is shown in a good or bad light, there is no positive PR from “Parking Wars.” The mere name invokes the “spin” placed by the producers.

It’s not called “Parking Peace” for a reason.


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  1. These parking shows are funny. Most of the offenders create their own problems with shortcuts: no or expired insurance, expired registration, not paying their parking tickets, and parking in the wrong place. Bad judge=lots of hassles.

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