DNA and Parking


DNA and Parking

I couldn’t get the smile off my face as this guy was talking to me.

Seems a forensics company here in the UK has come up with a DNA kit for parking enforcement officers. Seems that the act of spitting on parking wardens here is a growing problem, and if the spittle gets on a person, the spitter can be charged.

The idea is that the wardens carry this DNA kit and when they are spit on, they can wipe off the spittle and put it in the kit (special wipes and plastic bags are supplied). The police then can run a DNA check and prove who did the spitting.

It also seems that if you spit an miss, or spit on the ground in front of the warden, its not an offense, only if you spit on them..

I know that this is a problem –= but DNA testing — oh please…The DNA test probably cost a thousand bucks.  Why not just arrest the sob who did the spitting and  make him clean dog poop off the sidewalks for a week.

Does this happen a lot in the US?  Anybody know of a citiation writer being spat upon?  I’m aware of a few threats and punch ups, but spitting???


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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