Do Away with Designer Parking Spaces


Do Away with Designer Parking Spaces

This article in the Halifax Herald gave me pause. She is discussing parking over the holidays and a fellow she caught parking in a “mom with baby” spot. Here’s here money quote:

I am not saying the guy should have parked in a spot marked with a pink baby carriage. But do I feel that he deserved a visual public flogging by having his picture splashed across a page in the newspaper for such a transgression? Not really.I am not fond of all of these new and trendy specialty parking spots that are starting to crop up everywhere — ones for new mothers, pregnant women, parents with children, seniors, hybrid car owners or whatever.While I acknowledge that business owners have the right to suck up to whatever genre of customer will bring in the most profit, I still have to say that I don’t like designer parking spots. I don’t think they are necessary and feel they do more harm than good.

She goes on to say that if any of these drivers are truly handicapped, then they should go get a handicapped sticker and be done with it. As she says “keep it simple.”

I’m really of two minds on this one.  Honoring pregnant women, many of whom have difficulty just getting around in their late term seems to me to be a reasonable situation and if a store caters to them, so be it.

On the other hand, I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored. I could make a case for pregnant women, or veterans, or senior citizens or sign even hybrid drivers, if I were so inclined. I could probably make a case for magazine editors over 60, or parking consultants, or university professors, or kids who get straight As. It goes on and on.

Maybe our Halifax friend Ms. MacDonald has a point. Keep it simple. Create space for handicapped who need the extra room for access, and get on with it. Keep it simple.

Businesses might want to give close in spaces to certain groups, but do they realize how much they tick off the rest of their customers.

Thanks to the gang on PT’s Facebook page for posting this one.


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