Doctors — WOW


Doctors — WOW

I had to go see a doctor the other day. It was a referral on a minor matter.  I got to the office early (I didn’t want to hold up the medico, after all, he’s busy saving lives.)  I filled out the forms, was weighed, had my blood pressure taken, and then put in a room. That was it. 45 minutes later I was still in the room.  I could hear the doctor in his office making telephone calls about fixing his house and other non medical related things.  I expect a few minutes wait, but 45 minutes.

He finally came in and we began to chat. Three minutes in to the conversation, his nurse knocked on the door and said another doctor was there to speak to him.  He went out in the hall. I heard that conversation, too. It turned out that the conversation was going to be held again on Monday, since all the data wasn’t in for the conversation today.  Sigh

He came back in. It isn’t over yet.  About three minutes later his cell phone rang.  Of course he took the call. He spoke for about three minutes, and everything was non medical or non emergency related.

He was with me a total of six minutes. 

I’m sure I’ll get a bill (or my insurance company will get a bill) for $300.  He knew I had no alternative. He was referred to me by my primary care physician. What was I to do?

This guy may be the best in his field, but he need help running his office. He’s the boss. There’s no one there to take him for a walk on the beach and tell him he needs to have a bit more concern for his PATIENTS.

Now I now what chopped liver feels like.


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