Does Size Matter? Intertraffic and Amsterdam


Does Size Matter? Intertraffic and Amsterdam

No I’m not talking about THAT.  All men know that size does not matter.  I’m talking about Trade Shows.  I have just returned from Intertraffic in Amsterdam, arguably the largest trade event for Parking and Traffic anywhere.

INt 1

The IPI may argue that their event is larger but I defy anyone to spend a few days in Amsterdam and not be wowed by an event that is held in six huge halls, has over 800 exhibits, and more than 30,000 people who pass through the doors.

intger 1

However, when its soo big, it can be overwhelming. One visitors came into our booth and sat down shaking his head.  “I’m overwhelmed. It will take three days just to see the parking portion.  Some of the booths are larger than my house.”

There must have been 100 people in the Scheidt and Bachmann booth. OK 50

scheidt int

There were work stations, displays of equipment, and folks ready to help.  Assuming you could squeeze your way into the booth. Don’t single out S and B. The same was true of Skidata, Hub, Parkeon, Designa and the rest.  S and B had a theater that sat 50 people where they could give presentations.  Virtually all the major booths had bars (yes beer and wine), food service (Hub imported their chef from Bologna), plus private meeting rooms.

Amsterdam is a wild place. Las Vegas is almost prudish in comparison.  One booth had a woman wearing only a bikini bottom covered in body paint rollerskating the hall passing out cards welcome folks to their display.  She only lasted one day after an Iranian visitor complained and the local PC police shut her down. What a waste.

Don’t get me wrong — I love Intertraffic.  Its big, its bold, it has everything. Its well worth the trip. But just how much solid information do you get? How many close contacts do you make?  The exhibitors spends tens if not hundreds of thousands to display their wares. You really need a filter to ensure you get the information you want.

As an exhibitor how do you know who is a suspect, a prospect, or a lookie loo.  Its almost impossible to tell. Plus add the tower of babel language issues and who knows.

A number of American companies were there simply to walk the floor and get a ‘feel’ for the place. They asked me if they should exhibit.  I asked if they were opening and office in Europe.  If so, yes. If not, no. I don’t think you make sales at Intertraffic.  You set the process in motion. Then you follow up.

They announce huge deals signed at the show. But these had been in the works for months. No one walked into a stand for the first time and signed a purchase order.

I suggest you go to Amsterdam and intertraffic to see Anne Frank’s house, the Riksmuseum, Rembrandt and the rest. The tulips are just blooming, the food is fantastic, and canals, the best. Spend a couple of days at the show and see what’s coming down the pike parking wise — the Europeans seem to lead the way. Take in the atmosphere of one of the worlds great exhibitions and great cities.

Then come to PIE  and the NPA and talk turkey about your needs.


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John Van Horn

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  1. John – I usually love how rally against the world of political correctness… But this time, my friend, you’re walking a very slippery slope.

    “All men know that size does not matter”: JVH, Intetraffic and Amsterdam on

    The envelope you were pushing may push back. I know I’m not the only one who is offended, put off, disgusted, and not surprised by your headline. While the joke may be funny between you and your buddies – it has no place is mainstream parking. Especially when we just had Equal Pay Day and there are women in this industry fighting the uphill battle for respect. Maybe my colleagues from the Women in Parking group would agree?

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