Doesn’t this really tick you off….


Doesn’t this really tick you off….

If you are a die hard “tree hugger,” that is.

  • According to the paper industry, ther are 12 million more acres of forest in the US today compared with just 13 years ago
  • The forest products industry plants more than 1.7 million trees daily, which mis more than 3 times the trees harvested

Trees and forests are a crop, like corn and wheat. It makes good business sense to be good stewards of the forest.


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John Van Horn

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  1. And why is it a bad thing to plant more trees then harvested? i am confused as to why this would tick anyone off

  2. If, and only if, the measurement of ‘forest’ by the definitely-interested paper industry can be believed. You make no mention of the quality of said forest [ie, 100 acres of monoculture tree farms != 100 years of ‘old-growth’ forest]

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