Don’t let Paid Parking Drive you Away from Downtown


Don’t let Paid Parking Drive you Away from Downtown

A Letter to the Editor of the Sierra Sun, Truckee, CA: 2010
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Sierra Sun August, 10 2010 11:07 am

Letter to the Editor: Paid
parking shouldn't drive you away from downtown


I've lived in Truckee since 1995,
and since paid parking was implemented I rarely went to the downtown. In taking
a class at UNR, I researched the paid parking issue in depth. I have changed my
mind and now see how important the downtown is to our community and how little
the paid parking should affect my decision to do business there.

The town of Truckee made a responsible decision to take over the paid parking
in downtown. The meters and parking fines are used exclusively to offset the
costs associated with managing the parking including lot leases, snow plow
service, road and lot maintenance and enforcement. When we put money into the
parking meters, we are putting money into our community.

The metered parking hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The machines only take coins
and credit cards. Kelly Beede, parking services manager, said that one
misconception many locals have about parking is that there is a $2 minimum on
the meters. The fact is you can put as little as a nickel and that will give
you 3 minutes or up to $7 for 4 hours. If you use a credit card there is a $2

The businesses downtown offer unique products, personalized service and
wonderful restaurants and bars. The Andersonville Study of Retail Economics states
that for every $100 in revenue brought in by local firms $68 is reinvested in
the local economy as opposed to $43 with a chain firm. The study adds to the
credo “Buy Local.” Your spending impacts your community, your friends and

Don't let paid parking drive you away from downtown.


Now if we could get this woman on our PR team. I commend the
post to you. Go there
and read the comments at the end – Strange how well thought out, clearly
stated arguments, without rancor, and elicit such positive comments.   Not one
negative out of seven.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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