Dr Joyce Brothers on Parking Rage


Dr Joyce Brothers on Parking Rage

This is rich. A NY dentist lost it when a driver blocked his access to a parking lot. Unfortunately this was in front of a TV studio and a camera crew had just walked out on its way to an assignment. Its all on tape. Check it out here.

You may have to scroll through a few of these videos but its worth the search. There is the dentist’s side of the story, but frankly, after the push he gave the girl in the video, I didn’t have a lot of sympathy.

Dr. Brothers had an interesting comment. She says that most of this rage is based on some other factors in the person’s life and it becomes manifested in the parking rage. In other words the dentist in question was taking his frustration out on a minor problem, but the frustration was major. Her comment is telling "I wouldn’t want to be a patient of this dentist at this time."

Is there anything we can do about this, as an industry. I doubt it.  There have been incidents of such rage world wide.  But when in consider the literally hundreds of millions of people who interact over parking spaces daily, a few a day isn’t a lot. Put it in perspective. Some guy loses it and suddenly the world is focused on "Parking Rage."

We live in a video world. Remember one thing our dentist friend forgot. Don’t every do anything in public you don’t want to see on the evening news, or on Youtube.


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