Eat Play Park — Italy and FAAC


Eat Play Park — Italy and FAAC

In the past year Italian gate operator manufacturer FAAC has purchased Switzerland’s ZEAG, Austria’s Magnetic Automation, and the US’s Datapark. Magnetic is a high end gate manufacturer with a successful track record and distribution channel. But what to do with a top of the line PARCS supplier like Zeag and a scrappy manufacturer with a factory in Bulgaria and its primary customers in the US.

Enter Enrico Nardi, formerly with FAAC’s financial department, and now, as of January 1, Business Unit Director of HUB Parking Technology, FAAC’s newly branded parking arm. It is selling Zeag, Datapark, and FAAC’s own Park Plus lines. The company has been busy, and Enrico is moving fast.

Here is Enrico (Right)  (I know, he is really young – he has his two boys as a screen saver and they are 2 and 4) — with Piero Taglioli, FAAC’s head of parking manufacturing, in their plant in Bologna.

You will notice they are standing in front of a line of Zeag equipment being prepared for shipment. FAAC moved the manufacture of Zeag to Italy. Datapark will remain in Bulgaria.

I expressed some concern about the the ability of a single company to sell two different products into the same market. Enrico and his team have given this a lot of thought. “Its the same as selling a Mercedes and a Volkswagen into the same market.  They are both fine products, well executed, but have different uses and different buyers. They each have a segment that is right for them. So it is with Datapark and Zeag.”

“Both lines have been doing quite well in the past year throughout the world. We project considerable growth with each of the products.”

Direct or dealers? “Well that all depends on the location, product, and the experience of the potential dealer/partner. We understand that being able to service and support the equipment is a customer’s greatest concern. So we must have excellent personnel on the ground to ensure that the support is the best. ”

FAAC’s headquarters in Zola Predosa, a suburb of Bologna

This is a dynamic, growing, aggressive, thoughtful organization. They will impact the parking marketplace considerably in the years to come.


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John Van Horn

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  1. Good report John but you must have spent too much time in Austria. Magnetic Autocontrol is an international group and business unit of Faac but headquartered in Germany.

  2. Thomas: Of course you are right — I was in so many cities in so short a time and visited so many companies, I was lucky to figure out where I was at any point in time. Magnetic Automation is, of course headquartered in Schopfheim, Germany, just across the Swiss border from Zurich and a good 50 miles from Austria. Thanks. JVH

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