Editor Takes Extreme Career Risk..Women Take Over PT


Editor Takes Extreme Career Risk..Women Take Over PT

Coming in June. An entirely different Parking Today. A famous radio host calls letting his audience set the topics for his show an ‘extreme career risk.’ Well I am doing something similar in PT June. I am having nothing to do with the writing or editing of the issue.

That’s right, next month the entire issue of Parking Today will be filled with articles and opinion from Women in Parking President Colleen Niese and her team.
I have been asked what possessed me to turn the reins over to others and frankly, I admitted the I am lazy and if someone else will do the work, fantastic. In addition, I think readers can become slightly bored with my stick and sometimes a different point of view is refreshing.

I have no concerns about the quality of the material, compared with some of the things that find their way into PT under my tutelage, it’s going to be super. Colleen already has an editorial menu prepared and has lined up Tiffany Yu, Kirsten Dolan, Michelle Porter, Lisa Bahr, Barbara Chance, Laura Longsworth, Karen Pradhan, Sarah Blough, Nicholle Judge, Michelle Wendler, Kathryn Hebert and a host of others to fill the blank space between the ads for PT June. There will not be a male byline in the issue.

When we got the idea for Women in Parking three years ago, I was told that all one needed to do to get it started was get some meeting space, invite a bunch of women, and shut up. It took Ruth Beaman to remind me of the last instruction, but her dedication, along with Colleen and a dozen others got the organization off the ground and the rest is history.
They just completed their first convention with over 100 members heading to Chicago for what I’m told was an extremely successful event. I expect that it will continue to grow and prosper.

The concept of a Women in Parking Edition of PT came to light and I took a similar approach to the founding. I called Collen, told her what I proposed, and then shut up. Well, OK, perhaps I gave just a little direction so our graphics staff would know what to do, but all in all, this is their show.

PT June will be unique, and certainly a ‘keeper.’


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