Elon Twigs to Charging Valet


Elon Twigs to Charging Valet

I wondered why I got off on the screed above and then realized it was because I read this article on Parknews.biz.

PN Editor Astrid lead the charge a couple of years ago concerning Range Anxiety. Of course the goal was to have a charging station in every garage so EV owners could ‘top up’ when they were at work, shopping, or clubbing. It didn’t take long for a major problem to appear — how do you deal with the person who plugs in their car and then leaves for the day?

According to engaget Tesla’s Elon Musk is reacting to “jerks” who do this at the company’s Supercharging stations. He hasn’t come up with a solution yet, but look out, if he can go to the moon, he can solve this little issue.

If you read my piece above you see the problem. You are in Barstow — its going to take an hour to charge your car.  So you go to the local eatery to relax. Its down the block.  Your car “tops up” and you don’t know it. You finish your lunch and return to find other Tesla owners waiting in line. What’s the new rule?  You cannot leave for the time you are charging? Wow.

I have a couple of ideas — 10 minutes before the charging is complete, the Tesla could call you and tell you to hot foot it over to the charging station and move your car. An elegant and high tech solution. Not good if the restaurant just delivered your Filet Mignon.

I proposed a couple of years ago a “Charging Valet.”  A person at the site who jockeys cars around when they are charged. My friend Dennis Cunning says that it would cost upwards of $200,000 a year to cover two shifts, seven days a week.  I see no problem. If a person can afford a $100K Tesla, they can afford to pay to get their car charged. But wait, Tesla provides electricity free at its Supercharging station. But wait, that little benefit is going away January 1, so adding personnel to each site would be a no brainer.

Of course, high tech Elon may go for door number one and the phone call rather than the expense of door number two.   It would probably solve the problem since most people wouldn’t want to face electron deprived drivers in the desert wastes of Barstow.





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