Entrapreneurs cost city Citation Dollars


Entrapreneurs cost city Citation Dollars

A couple of enterprising young men have started a business in Santa Monica – For $60 a year they will patrol the streets in your area and if you forget to move your car on street sweeping day, they will call, text, and knock on your door and remind you. The fine for not moving your car for street cleaning is $61. You must do it twice a week, so that’s 104 changes to make a mistake. These fellows have about 60 customers and their business is growing. They estimate that so far this year they have cost the city $12000 in fines. One woman commented that she got an average of two tickets a month.

There are of course apps for your Iphone and blackberry that will remind you to move your car or return to the meter before it goes into overtime, but having personal service is a great idea, too.

Hat’s off to these two. Santa Monica has a reputation for being extremely strict with their citation writing. Remember the story we ran here a couple of weeks ago where some news reporters were ticketed on camera as they broadcast live from the city.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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