Flash Parking Receives $250 million


Flash Parking Receives $250 million

Flash has announced that it has received a quarter of a billion dollars in venture capital money. Wow! I spoke to a source there this morning and the excitement was palpable. Words like growth, purchase, and expand filled the conversation.

I commented that infusion from VCs was the beginning of major changes for companies, with the higher the amount, the greater the change. The news release noted that Flash expects to hire 200 more people in 2022. My contacts note that they hope to expand their entre into EV charging.

Knowing the potential land mines that await in influx of VC capital one can only wish Flash and its management team well. Flash CEO Dan Sharplin made the following statement:

“When FLASH was founded, the parking industry was poised for transformation and digital mobility platforms were nascent. We are rapidly future-proofing urban mobility infrastructure by providing an agile, cloud-based, mobile-first platform for the myriad opportunities facing cities, citizens, asset owners, utilities, and parking operators. We are thrilled to welcome Vista as an investor and partner whose expertise and experience will ensure we continue innovating to advance the connected mobility experience.”

Stay tuned.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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