For God’s Sake, Open your Eyes…


For God’s Sake, Open your Eyes…

I find it difficult to comprehend. Traffic officers, parking officers, enforcers of the law, can time after time write a ticket on a car, and not notice that a dead body is inside. Read about it here

Aren’t they trained to look around them? Aren’t they trained to “take in” the scene? If a car is ticketed for parking, don’t they check whether it has other violations (license paid, for instance). Don’t they see if it’s stolen, particularly after the second ticket, or abandoned.

What are these people paid to do? Has our government reached the point where they train people to be automatons and do absolutely nothing except precisely what they see as their “Job.”

I guess if a parking enforcement officer in Manhattan saw a murder taking place, they would continue on their beat, doing nothing. After all, “It’s not my job, man.”

What happened to initiative, to thinking for one ‘s self? Are we so afraid of being “involved” that we simply ignore the world around us?

The city of Houston trains its parking officers to be aware of their surroundings. They carry radios. They report problems, they help people who are lost, they, I think, even know CPR. Would they jump in front of a bullet? Probably not, but they would have the presence of mind and training to dial 911. I guess their counterparts in NYC can’t say the same.

And about the tickets. The body was found by the tow truck driver. Why multiple tickets? It would seem to me that by the second ticket it was time to tow? If not, why not.

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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. I think you are making some irrational generalizations as there are many facets to look at here. Not all agencies have immediate DMV record availability (Public Works Departments as examples), most agencies use some kind of guideline of when to make the DMV check (ie 3 or more citations as an example) and/or have rules for booting/towing and I think most personnel are sharp! They have no control over illegal tint or rules that are not in their realm so don’t blame them (entirely). I am not familiar with any parking training that does not teach being aware of your surroundings if for no other reason personal safety.

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