Formula on a napkin


Formula on a napkin

Ran into Jerry Skillett, now back at Central as a vice president. He was talking to Dale Denda from PMRC and me about the issue of parking operators not understanding how to talk to development owners about return on their parking investment. He actually laid out the formula in algebraic simplicity on a cocktail napkin. It reminded me of Walter d'Allessio's talk at the Temecula group last year. Walt made exactly the same point.

We three went our separate ways. Dale accosted me later and wanted the napkin. I kept it and will replay the conversation with you when I have a chance. Jerry says that there is no state secret about it and the more people in the industry that know how to compute ROI and communicate it to facility owners, the better for us all.

Ah, someone who understands that a "rising tide raises all boats."


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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