Frustrated Parker with no validation


Frustrated Parker with no validation

I paid $2 to park, under protest, at a local shopping center. OK — lets get specific, it was the world famous Farmer’s Market near Hollywood.  I went down to spend a lot of money at a great meat market in the funky collections of shops, candy stores, and stand up restaurants. There are also a number of meat, poultry, and green grocers. The place was packed — everyone was shopping for their Thanksgiving holiday feasts.

Parking was at a premium. People were stacked up waiting for others to leave. The lot count seemed to be working, they would let one car in as another left. I felt good. The sign said — First 2 hours free. I was going to be there for only about 20 minutes. Someone backed out right in front of me as I entered. All was right with the world.

I made my substantial purchases and headed for the exit gate. I confidently handed my ticket to the attendant. "That’s $2" he said. "What", says I. "The sign right under your window says first two hours free. Come around and read it."

Without missing a beat he said — "Read the line above it."

Of course it said — "With Farmer’s Market Validation" — First 2 hours free.

Now I may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I do know parking and signage. I looked right at that sign and it said to me, "First two hours free." I didn’t read the "with validation" part. Why?

Because it was BEFORE the line that interested me. Typically signs say "First 2 hours free with Farmer’s Market Validation"

This one said

With Farmer’s Market Validation

First 2 Hours free.

The attendant said that I shouldn’t feel bad, many MANY people make that mistake. Well, in fact, I didn’t feel bad, I felt cheated. If many MANY people make that mistake, then its a signage problem, not a people problem.

My goal now is to find the management and bring them up to date on signage and communications.


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