Further to Scam


Further to Scam

Ryan Dollar of Laz parking reports the following:
Usually I would give the parker the concession and not make him pay us. It cost me a lot of money in Atlanta. The solution was installing loud PA enunciators on telephone poles on every surface lot I had. It would broadcast to never pay an attendant on the lot, to always pay the machine. After installing the enunciators, and verifying they worked properly, it was the responsibility of the customer to make an informed purchase of parking. We held them accountable to pay us everytime when the enunciators were in use. If we had attendants for SE’s we would simply change the message but never turn them off.‬‪ ‬‪Typically parking companies are pretty competitive with each other, but this scam was further dissolved by operators partnering to find solutions. PCA helped us out a lot and we stayed coordinated. I think Lanier installed them as well. If you don’t deal with in its infant stages, scammers will begin to migrate into the area. Then you really have a problem. You have to drop your rates to almost nothing to flush them out. Once you have them flushed out you can raise rates again.‬‪
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John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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