Garage Closed for Fourth of July Event…


Garage Closed for Fourth of July Event…

I’m with reader Mark that I thought I had heard it all, and then this article comes along:

The $11 million parking garage that was long touted as a way to bring more people into Old Town Manassas (VA) will be closed Saturday, at the same time the city is scheduled to host one of the region’s largest Fourth of July celebrations. There will be carnival food, boardwalk games, a hayride and a large fireworks show at dark.

But more than 500 parking spaces inside the garage that sits next to the Virginia Railway Express commuter rail station will remain empty on the holiday.

“There were many council members that thought it would be great to see the garage open this year, me being one of them, but from a public safety standpoint the thought was that there would be too many people getting into their cars and trying to leave at one time after the fireworks were over,” said Manassas Mayor Harry J. “Hal” Parrish II


I’m sure that any garage owner or operator will tell you that after events, people in fact leave about the same time and in fact understand that because they are leaving at the same time, there will be a wait while the garage empties. Strangely it’s the nature of garages.


But, weren’t they built specially for that exact purpose?



John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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  1. As Ron White said “there ain’t no fixin’ stupid”…… This is a GREAT example of politicians and others who know nothing about parking micro-managing and screwing things up!

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