Global Cooling? Really…


Global Cooling? Really…

I know, I know, it has little to do with parking, but I just couldn’t pass this up. You MUST read this article in the Australian. Basically is quotes a scientist, using UN and NASA data, as showing that global warming stopped in 1998 and in fact Global Cooling is now going on. HUH… This goes along with my theory that if politicians say something, believe the opposite.

If this is true, what is the industry set up because of Global Warming going to do? What of carbon footprints or the SUV demise. How about Al Gore’s selling of carbon offsets? Does this mean he has to return his Nobel Prize?

What this article says, as many MANY scientists have said for years, is that our climate is much more complex that one might want to accept. As the temperature on earth increased, there was a corresponding increase in water vapor in the air, more clouds, and hence, a cooling period. Of course since green house gases made by man have Increased in the past decade, but the temperature has gone down, it seems that there may be little correlation between your Belchfire V-12 and global warming. It could be the sun’s activity, or even something else.

What this all means, is that the models climate scientists have been using for the past couple of decades need to be tweaked to take into account this new data. Whoops!

I know this won’t be on the front page of Time magazine or the lead story on the nightly news. I think what is happening is that so called Global Warming is going to take a long slow walk into that cold dark night – In like a lion, out like a lamb. It’s just too embarrassing to be handled any other way.


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