“Global Warming” attacks P and D equipment in Winnipeg


“Global Warming” attacks P and D equipment in Winnipeg

Well, not really, but since Global Warming is to blame for virtually everything, I’m sure someone will consider the record cold in the Manitoba Capital to be someone’s fault.

Nevertheless, Dave Hill, head of parking for the Canadian City, reports that his P and D equipment has crapped out, at least on four days, due to the extreme cold (down to a -30C.) and that’s cold.

Seems the LCD freezes up and the machine slows down.  Is Dave worried?  Nope.

The units are specified to run at -20c and they do. In fact Dave tested one before he bought the equipment. He put one in a deep freeze and it ran down to a -37C. Of course, in a test situation they might run a bit better than out on the wilds of Portage and Main.

I’m impressed. If anyone wants to know who made these babies, contact Dave.

He is considering adding a heater that kicks in at -30C. They loose two grand a day up there when the machines shut down.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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