Go Caspar


Go Caspar

Not, the ghost, silly — Casear Wy…The had a meeting of downtown merchants about parking and I was pleasantly surprised to find someone who actually understood the problem. Read about it here.

Dawn Stevenson, Casper merchant, put it this way:

Part of the solution, Stevenson said, is for downtown businesses to fill a niche customers want.
"You become a destination point because people like to shop with you," she said.

Yeah — That’s it…If you build it they will come.  Parking isn’t the problem, its part of the solution. According to the article Casper wants to redo its down town area. What better way than to charge for parking and take the money and clean up the streetscape, install lighting, attract businesses, and increase security.

They have taken the first step. Way to go Casper.


John Van Horn

John Van Horn

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